Together b'Teva/ in Nature

Rabbi Josh leads contemplative nature walk at Ocean Song Farm & Wilderness Center

Rabbi Josh leads contemplative nature walk at Ocean Song Farm & Wilderness Center

Is this primarily a children's program?

This program welcome participants of all ages. It's designed to cultivate a multi-generational learning experience outdoors that will be spiritually nourishing for everyone. There will be some sessions that are geared for adults and self-selecting older teens, but most of our time together will be in mixed aged groupings. We all come together with our different experience, perspective, questions and insights, regardless of age and "parental" or "child" role, to explore our relationship to Judaism and the natural world.  

Do I need to have a certain level of familiarity and knowledge of Judaism to fully appreciate the program?

Everyone is welcome. We hope to create an environment where everyone feels included and comfortable. Our expectation is that some participants will have little or no experience with Jewish customs and practice, while others will have a lifelong connection with Judaism as well as many decades of ritual observance and advanced study (as well as everyone in between!).
The wider the range of participants' backgrounds, the richer the experience can be for all who gather.

Can my child participate without me?

Since this program is intended to be a multi-generational program, where we can learn together and in parallel, parents are strongly encouraged to attend with their children.  This is not a "drop-off" program.  The locations are too beautiful, and life is too short to let only your child attend Zmanim programs! If you are not able to join us, your child is welcome to come with another adult who can be responsible for them throughout the day.

Can I bring an an infant or a toddler?

Absolutely! We welcome participants of all ages! While you will be responsible for your young child for the entire day, in the spirit of "it takes a village to raise a child,"  we encourage the community that gathers to share in the care of little ones. If you would like to participate in a session geared for adults only without your child, you are welcome to find another adult who can be with your child in the children's session. We want to make sure we keep a safe adult-to-child ratio for the children's session, so please do not assume that the adult leaders of the children's program will be able to take care of your young child without another responsible adult.

*Note- At times we will offer a target age range for a particular Together b'Teva (in Nature) program. If your child/children do not fall within that age range, please contact us. Sometimes the program can still work for your child, but sometimes (though it's rare!) it will be better for a "too young" or "too old" child to not participate. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Our Together b'Teva (in nature) program occurs at various times throughout the year, often before a major holiday. It's a great opportunity for all ages to experience Judaism connected to the natural world.

Our gatherings include:

  • Tu b'Shevat/ Birthday of the Trees - Tree planting & celebration
  • Nature's Song- Developing Awareness & Connection to the Natural World through Bird Language & Judaism
  • More! 


Check out our calendar for the next meeting of "Together b'Teva"