I learned that “it’s okay to be Jewish”
— Chanting Participant
I felt like I came home
— Non-Jewish Participant @ Women's New Moon Gathering
We stumbled upon Zmanim by accident and it appears to me as a small miracle. There is something very pure in this combination of modern Judaism in a very natural - almost “ancient” setting. It’s like you returned to the beginning of Judaism in small towns, a couple thousand years ago - with the Torah, the fields, the kids running around - but with modernity, with a women rabbi, etc.... This is a unique experience, and very authentic. I am looking forward to experiencing it again.
— Pascal, San Francisco

My experience of Rabbi Daria is that she is authentic in her presence, delivery and heart-centered facilitation/leadership of Jewish services, ritual and chanting. It comes from deep inside her; you can’t teach that. She presents a non-hierarchical space for love, holiness and peace to emerge.
— Rabbi Batya Friedland, Guerneville

Zmanim is a great way for us to bring Judaism to our child in a way that aligns with our family’s spirit of Nature connection.
— Elaine, Petaluma

We have been searching for a nurturing spiritual community since we moved to Sebastopol 8 years ago, and when we met Rabbis Daria and Josh, we felt an immediate kinship. As our young girls are growing up, introducing them to the Jewish faith and the traditions is important, and how Rabbis Josh and Daria embrace that in partnership with the natural world seems ideal. We welcome them and will happily support their efforts to build a strong spiritual community here in West County.
— Ben, Sebastopol
I grew up in Israel as a secular Jew. My experience of religion growing up in Israel was charged with political and social tension. I never had an opportunity to reflect in a pure way on my relationship with Judaism. Until I met Rabbi Daria and Rabbi Josh. Through chanting with Rabbi Daria I was able to connect to a deeper voice in me. I was able to relate to biblical verses with great excitement. Rabbi Josh’s Shabbat services are wholesome, inclusive and current, his teachings are interesting and I find his perspective to be of use in my daily life. Zmanim is where my family and I are able to experience our religion, have a community, learn from mentors and be of service to others. We feel immensely privileged to be a part of this growing community.
— Sharon, Sebastopol

Rabbis Daria and Josh have helped me to connect to the mystical and experiential aspects of Judaism which I found missing in Jewish culture growing up. Seeking something more spiritually meaningful, I was instead drawn toward Eastern religions and practices. Zmanim has been a wonderful way to come back to my roots and participate in Jewish community in a way that feels inspiring, transformative and relevant to my life. And I am especially grateful to be able to share this experience with my children.
— Jenny, Sebastopol

Today’s gathering was both deeply moving and a lot of fun. The conversations, the activities, the singing all spoke to who I am and what is meaningful to me and my family. Zmanim’s mission, and the compassion, thoughtfulness and passion with which it’s being delivered by Daria and Josh not only resonate deeply with me, it very much reflects how we want our children to experience Jewishness. Thank you!
— Rhona, Sebastopol

My 8-month old baby is so happy and so much more relaxed after chanting!
— Danielle, Sebastopol