Massei Zmanim

Massei Zmanim (Journeys with Zmanim) offers an opportunity for children to gather weekly to experience Judaism through nature.

Wondering how to pronounce "Massei Zmanim"? Check out this blog post, and listen to the song below created by some of the Massei Zmanim children on how to say "Zmanim"!

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About Massei Zmanim

Massei Zmanim (Journeys with Zmanim) is an opportunity for your child to integrate her/his connection with living, together with the powerful depth and riches whose roots lay in Jewish experience and tradition. Massei Zmanim centers around a constructivist approach to Jewish identity building, in which your child will be supported in personal meaning-making of Judaism "from the inside-out" instead of the "top down." Your child will engage in exploration, play, song, an embodied connection to the Hebrew language, and other modalities, as she/he encounters the wonders of the world and being alive. He/She will learn both traditional and newer Jewish responses to these experiences as well as have the opportunity to formulate her/his own response from the building blocks he/she will be gaining.


Who is Massei Zmanim for?

Massei Zmanim (Journeys with Zmanim) is for children ages 5-11 to gather once a week for 1 1/2 hours during the academic year. In addition to the weekly gatherings, there will be several largely subsidized Sunday gatherings for the children AND their family, and an end-of-the-year gathering for all the families as well.


Why Massei Zmanim?

Why is such an explicit framework necessary? Unfortunately too many people have the experience of coming into Jewish settings and not having a sense of how their experience in the world has much of anything to do with the rituals they may be encouraged to do, or the words that they may be encouraged to say. Massei Zmanim (Journeys with Zmanim) came out of a request by parents to support them and their children on a more regular basis in this way. As a Zmanim program, it provides a vastly different way to grow and experience life.


When & Where

WHEN? Massei Zmanim commences in the fall. Each group meets once a week on a set day & time (with the exception of holidays). Please refer to this year's registration form to see possible days & times.

-In addition to the weekly gatherings there is an end of the year camping trip for all Massei Zmanim participants. -Massei Zmanim participants & their families receive a discounted price for 2 of our Together b'Teva/in Nature Sunday Gatherings.

WHERE? Classes will be held outdoors in downtown Sebastopol.

*Zmanim program involves deep connecting to the natural world, please dress your child to be outdoors REGARDLESS OF WEATHER. Your child needs appropriate rain/sun gear, and layers at every session. If it was raining in the morning, they need rain boots, rain pants, and rain coats. If it's hot outside, please send them with a sun hat and water bottle. Thank you!


Pricing & Registration

The cost of the Massei Zmanim program is $1062 for the whole year.
Payments can be made in 1 full installment at the beginning of the program OR in 9-monthly installments of $118.
(Monthly Installment payment option requires the first two months to be paid upfront in the form of a deposit)
Monthly installments are to be paid by the first of every month.

Payments can be made online or by check.
Checks should be made out to Jewish LearningWorks, and mailed to:
556 Harrison St.,
Sebastopol, CA 95472.
If paying by check, please reference the specific program (Massei Zmanim- or MZ) and your child's name in the memo portion.

Please note: Credit card payments include a 2.9% processing fee on each payment.

*Financial assistance is available! Please contact us if you have questions.


What are People Saying about Massei Zmanim?

Parents talking: 


Children Talking: 

The other day I overheard my two children talking. My younger son (who is in Massei-Zmanim) was challenged by his older brother (who goes to a traditional Hebrew school) about the Massei-Zmanim curriculum: “Aren’t you doing this or that in your grade?” my older son asked. My younger son responded with some of what he’s learning, answering, “And we’re learning to speak Hebrew, too.” His older brother said, “You don’t need to learn to speak Hebrew. You just need to learn what you need to practice for your bar mitzvah.” My younger son then replied, “We’re learning how to speak and we’re learning why we do these things, not just that we do them. I want to know how to speak Hebrew.”
”We are very happy to have found Rabbi Daria. My daughter is really identifying in a beautiful way with Judaism
At my other Hebrew school we were told what to believe about God. At Massei ZMANIM we ask ‘who God is’ and ‘what God is.’