We meet every 1st Friday & 3rd Saturday (with the exception of holidays).

Friday gatherings: 

~ Soulful Shabbat: 

Feel ancient wisdom rise up from the depths of your soul. Feel joy, expansiveness, &  light-heartedness. Sink into the depths of your soul. Sing the song that you didn't know your heart sings.

Join us at our Soulful Shabbat gatherings for an adult-oriented evening of heart-opening singing and prayer as we unplug and tap into an ancient, electrifying technology that nourishes rather than depletes our souls. We start at 6 p.m. Dinner around 7:30 p.m. More singing after dinner. Children are welcome to join us and be held within the context of adults who are gathering in community to tend to their heart and soul.

~ Slow Down with Shabbat: 

Shabbat offers us the opportunity to slow down our lives and connect to what's really important- family, community, ourselves, the Source of All.

Join us for a multi-generational gathering in which we slow down together in community with joy, blessings, a story or teaching, song, games, a potluck meal, and sometimes more singing after dinner. "Slow Down with Shabbat" often also includes an adult "Shabbat Salon." We start at 5:30 p.m. Dinner around 6:15.

Shabbat Salon: Within the restful and spacious context of Shabbat, and our "Slow Down with Shabbat" gatherings, we take a step back to consider a relevant question in its broadest sense, with the help of some great Jewish thinkers and dreamers.

Saturday gatherings:

In attuning to the seasons, Zmanim's 3rd Saturday/Shabbat gatherings shift depending on the time of year.

~ Shabbat Outdoors: When the days are longer we meet mid-morning in the outdoors for study and song together, nourished by the beauty of the natural world.

~ Fire & Stars: When it gets darker earlier (Oct-Feb), Shabbat ends earlier. At our Fire & Stars gatherings we come together late afternoon to relax into the remaining hours of Shabbat together before transitioning into the very sweet end-of-Shabbat (havdalah) rituals together. When possible, the lighting of the havdalah candle and conclusion of these rituals lead into a campfire together, followed by more stories and songs. Did you know that Judaism is a rich resource for captivating folktales and legends? Come hear - and share- stories of witches, kings, magic & more!

Please check out our calendar for specific times and location of upcoming Shabbat gatherings. 


~~ We don't ask for money on Shabbat, but these gatherings are made possible by your generous donation. Please help us continue serving the community. You can make your tax-deductible donation by clicking on the Donate button below. Thank you! ~~